Grower Log

Grower Log is an easy to use record keeping application exclusively for gardeners, landscapers and micro farmers. It focuses on building your soil and growing plants. Grower log can be used for a single potted plant or large fields of plants. Built in templates keep data entry at a minimum with the option to add detailed records for more advanced users.

Grow your soil

Experienced gardeners grow soil and leave growing plants to Mother Nature. Keeping track of your gardens and containers is essential to having consistent successful growing seasons. Grower Log was built to track your gardens overall health and any amendments that occur over time.

Grow your plants

Grower Log crop module keeps track of all your tasks, expenses with the ability to take detailed notes if desired. Create note categories or use one of the predefined templates to assist you. You will have the ability to add expenses edit expenses and get a year-end tally of your total costs. All crop history will also display in the garden records.