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Grower log is a cloud-based, free to use record keeping / planner built exclusively for advanced gardeners.. If you are a gardener that likes to keep detailed records each year or manage many gardens, Grower Log would be a perfect fit for you.

Many small farmers also benefit from using Grower Log software. If you need a tool to keep track of your fields / gardens/ containers and what grows in them, look no further. Keep detailed records with lab results, soil amendments and costs with our easy-to-use software.

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Grower Log

Grower Log is the only FREE garden planner built especially for professional gardeners.

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Soybean field managed by Farm Statistics
Manage your Gardens

Professional gardeners know how important it is to grow your soil and let your plants grow themselves. With Grower Log, you can define a field, garden, container or raised bed and keep track of any soil amendments, lab results, and garden notes. Also displayed in the garden section is the history of what grew there previously. Check our live sample to see what our software can do for you.

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Field of watermelons managed by Farm Statistics crop planner
Track what you grow

The other part of Grower Log is used exclusively for plants. The crop planner logs dates, deliverables, tasks with detailed notes, costs, and general crop details. Crops are easy to setup using one of our templates or you can clone an existing crop to avoid data entry. Our live sample site will give you a preview of the power of our crop module.

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